Welcome to Harvest Church of New York!

We are a church filled with love, life, and energy, a church experiencing the great joy of harvest. We believe that "open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." (John 4:35) We invite you to join us worshiping the LORD who created the heavens and give us peace and rejoice. We wish you could also know him and believe in him.

May we abide in Christ every day and experience the renewal of the Holy Spirit in our life!


We follow the vision as revealed in the Book of Revelation, chapter twenty-two, to build the glorious Church of Jesus Christ through the demonstration of personal and corporate worship, renewal of the Holy Spirit, cell-church development and involvement, and the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ through individual evangelism as well as in gatherings and outreaches, locally and abroad, thus becoming a "blessing to all nations"!


In October 2001, Pastor Mudao Xiao and a few brothers and sisters around him were touched by the Holy Spirit through the testimony from Pastor Tong Liu of River of Life Christian Church in Silicon Valley, California. They received the vision from God to build the glorious Church of Jesus Christ, and after intense prayer, decided to start Harvest Church of New York.

It was right after "911". The whole city of New York suffered dramatically. The society was filled with dread and the economy at that point of time declined drastically. There were increasingly more people seeking the God of all comfort, just like what is written in John Chapter 4 Verse 35 - "Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest". In such an environment of urgent need for the Gospel, Harvest Church of New York began its Sunday service on October 28th, 2001 at Adria Hotel in Bayside. The church had been meeting at the hotel for miraculously 17 years since then. God blessed the church abundantly and had it grow steadily.

In 2013, with God's blessing and help, Harvest Church of New York bought a property in Little Neck, New York. It is located at the border between Queens and Nassau County, close to highways and shopping centers. A great number of Chinese immigrants living in the neighborhood could be reached out to. In 2016, the Worship Hall began construction. Two years later, in the Christmas 2018, the church finally said goodbye to Adria Hotel and moved into the new church building. Harvest Church of New York now has more than 600 members and is one of the most influential churches in the Chinese community in New York.